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FAQs - G-Kii

When I buy a G-Kii, how is it packaged and what does it come with?

G-Kii is presented in a beautiful and discreet black giftbox, which contains an UK/US/EU/AUS/CH/JP charger, the instruction manual and the 1 year limited warranty card. If you order G-Kii online, it will be delivered in a plain brown box with no external details apart from your address.


My G-Kii doesn’t respond when I turn it on, what should I do?

Firstly it’s worth checking that your G-Kii is fully charged. To charge your G-Kii please place the charging dock directly over the G-Kii’s buttons; the dock and buttons must be aligned and you should feel the magnets pull into place. The light will flash when charging (try the other side if the light doesn’t turn on) and leave it to charge for at least 1 hour 45 minutes. Then try turning it on by pressing + for at least 3 seconds. Sometimes the buttons can be a little stiff and need a firm press to turn on. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible your G-Kii has developed a fault and you should get in touch with the place you bought it from.

Every G-Kii is covered by one year’s international warranty.


My G-Kii makes a clicking noise when I tried to adjust its form. Is this normal?

You can adjust your G-Kii by pressing firmly on the joints marked with 5 little bumps round a larger button. This should be a smooth, silent action. Once you've got the technique it won’t happen again.


When I charge my G-Kii for the recommended two hours, the green light doesn’t come on or the light keeps flashing. Does that mean it hasn’t fully charged?

Not necessarily. Your G-Kii'’s charge sensor may have become confused but this won’t affect its performance as it will continue to charge correctly. Even though the green light doesn’t appear after 2 hours’ charging or keeps flashing, you should still get 2 hours of use out of your G-Kii.


My G-Kii gets hot after using it for a prolonged period. Is this ok?

Yes, it’s fine. G-Kii will get warm to the touch when you’re using it, but no warmer than a laptop once it’s been on for a while.


I have lost my charger, where can I get a new one?

In the event of a faulty or lost charger (or if your dog has eaten it, toddler has thrown it away or you left it in a foreign hotel room), please complete our Customer Care form.