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Strong Communication

Strong sexual communication can lead to great sexual satisfaction. Brilliant sex is like a good recipe, you need to know the ingredients in advance, how they combine - and master the technique to create something that really makes a difference!

Yet creating the right environment for a sexual experience needs a lot of verbal communication.

Here are some keys tips that will help you communicate verbally with your partner:

  • If you do not feel like talking about it, try writing it down – you can even put it into a sext

  • Choose the right moment – are you both relaxed and in the mood?

  • Be straight-forward and assertive – it’s sexy to say what you mean.

  • Humour is great so long as it does not lead to misunderstandings – sex is supposed to be fun – your proposal
    can be light-hearted and provocative.

  • Set any rules in advance and feel free to adapt them

  • Discuss your limits and needs

  • It is perfectly fine to change your mind if something doesn’t work

  • Respect your partner's choices and never judge them, What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom