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A new breed of toy retailer. Je Joue is inspired by 'sex positive' retailers around the world.

The sex-positive movement believes that sexual pleasure is an important, healthy part of all our lives. Sex positivity seeks to help everyone experience sexual pleasure, whatever their choices, affirming and celebrating all forms of consensual adult sexual activity. The movement also encourages sex education as a key part of its campaign.

Sex positive retailers are shops that embrace this open, respectful, non-judgemental attitude to sexual choice. A handful of sex-positive sex shops opened their doors in the 1970s, as a reaction to seedy, badly-lit 'adult' stores that often felt threatening, particularly to women. The sex-positive stores aimed to provide women and men with a clean, safe, welcoming place to buy high quality sex toys, and to educate people about sex. Now, there are hundreds of stores all over the world that provide friendly, comfortable shopping environments that promote sexual health, pleasure and empowerment - and Je Joue toys are available in many of them!


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