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Super-soft, flexible, powerful – share stronger, longer, simultaneous orgasms with your partner using Mio.

This cock ring will keep him harder for longer, and give her intense external vibration during sex, making sure you both get more.

Cock ring

Cock rings are beautifully simple, yet enormously effective sex toys. They are worn at the base of the penis and restrict blood flow, making it rock hard, for longer.

Some cock rings are also formed to gently stimulate her clitoris during sex, while others are equipped with vibrations to really shake things up for both partners.  

With minimum effort and maximum return for him and her, cock rings are a must-have for partner play.

Super smooth and soft, Mio is easy to put on - so it doesn’t interrupt your pleasure. Once the penis is hard, simply add a dash of water-based lube and slide it down to the base, making sure the vibrating section is positioned upwards.

Now that you’re comfortable with Mio, turn it on and experiment with its five vibration levels and patterns to discover your couple’s favourite - and pursue that simultaneous orgasm!

Flexible, comfortable and 100% body safe, Mio is a fun, natural way to stay harder, longer – and a great alternative to chemical pills and potions.

Don’t forget the lube! We advise using water-based lubrication with all our toys, for a perfectly smooth experience.


All our toys are covered in smooth, soft, 100% FDA-approved, body-safe silicone
Because pleasure should be safe

All our toys are 100% waterproof
Because bath times are fun times

All our toys are fully rechargeable via our unique magnetic clip
Because we respect the environment, as well as our bodies

All our toys can be adjusted from a nice low rumble to a strong intense finish
Because everyone's unique

All our toys feature five vibration patterns
Because variety is the spice of your (sex) life

All our toys have quiet vibrations
Because discretion is sometimes called for

All our toys offer 2 hours charge = 2 hours pleasure
Because we reward patience


Mio $109.00

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Mio $109.00

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