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Small, sensual, beautifully powerful: MiMi is the perfect toy for clitoral stimulation, for a first-time or an every-time vibration experience.

A compact gem that offers a range of vibration speeds and patterns, from subtle to intense, MiMi is a versatile bedroom treasure, to enjoy with a partner, or keep to yourself.


Quite simply, clitoral vibration feels sensational. Sex toys that focus on clitoral arousal are a great place for your vibration journey to begin, whether solo or with a partner.

They’re perfect for first-time toy users, who want to explore vibration and discover what feels good on the clitoris, before going deeper.

For more experienced individuals and couples, who know clitoral stimulation works for them, a classic external vibrator is a bedside and travel essential.



With five vibration levels and patterns, from gentle to powerful, Mimi is truly versatile: try a subtle setting to tease and caress, or more intense vibrations if you like a powerful buzz.

MiMi feels great on the clitoris, and any other area that tickles your fancy – and his – from your nipples to his perineum and anywhere in between.

Smooth and soft, MiMi glides across the skin, making it perfect for an all-over body massage with a difference.

For a lighter touch, you can also try gently transferring Mimi’s vibrations through your fingertips, by cradling it in your hand and stroking the skin with your fingers.

Don’t forget the lube! We advise using water-based lubrication with all our toys, for a perfectly smooth experience.


All our toys are covered in smooth, soft, 100% FDA-approved, body-safe silicone
Because pleasure should be safe

All our toys are 100% waterproof
Because bath times are fun times

All our toys are fully rechargeable via our unique magnetic clip
Because we respect the environment, as well as our bodies

All our toys can be adjusted from a nice low rumble to a strong intense finish
Because everyone's unique

All our toys feature five vibration patterns
Because variety is the spice of your (sex) life

All our toys have quiet vibrations
Because discretion is sometimes called for

All our toys offer 2 hours charge = 2 hours pleasure
Because we reward patience


MiMi $89.00

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MiMi $89.00

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