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Uma - Customer Reviews

Oh Uma!

'It doesn't matter if you're new to using toys or an advanced user, the luxurious Uma is something I believe everyone needs to have added to their toy collection. It is designed for both internal and external stimulation and exudes superior quality craftsmanship and delivers externally for me everytime. She is highly constructed and the soft and velvety smooth silicone is a wonderful feature.'
- 9th February 2012

I think that I have found my Soul Mate! UMA-ZING!

'The Je Joue Uma is perfection personified, and is my soul mate of a sex toy. It is waterproof, seamless, powerful, and a ridiculously beautiful. It fits my anatomy perfectly, in a way that no other sex toy has done before. It is also rechargeable, and has a sensually luxurious silicone texture. Its only flaw is that the buttons are somewhat hard to push, but otherwise, it is the most wonderful toy that I currently own. I recommend it so highly!'
- 13th January 2012

I love Uma

'I love the Uma. Its graceful curve is perfect for hitting my G-spot, and it's easy to use on my clit if I'm not in the mood for penetration. I'm a big fan of pulsations, and I appreciate that I can do any pulsation pattern at any intensity. The fact that it's fully waterproof makes it super easy to clean (I just throw it in the sink with some castile soap and I don't have to worry about ruining it), and I can take it in the bath. It has all the options and bells and whistles I look for when buying a vibe (waterproof, any pulsation at any intensity, warranty, silicone body, g-spot potential, rechargeable), so if you're buying yourself or your honey a vibe and you don't know what to get, this has you covered no matter what. The only critique I would have is that I wish it started out a little softer but if you love power, go for it.'
- 14th April 2012


My new best friend

'This is a fall-on-your-knees, hallelujah-chorus inducing new toy that has very quickly become a favourite!

First off, the colour is gorgeous - I went for fuchsia and it's almost hot enough to hang on my wall! At the same time it's very discreet and classy looking, not intimidating at all.

The feel of it's lovely too - seamless, so it's waterproof (morning showers just got better), silicone and it's really velvety and so soft. I love the curved shape which is basically made to fit us, and it has a larger head which is great for g-spot stimulation or just as an external vibe.

So 2 hours later I was good to go. The 'pattern' button in the middle's really cool; I don't have any other toys with this function and it's much more fun being able to switch it up a bit! The buttons needed a firm press to get going, but I'd much prefer this than worrying about it going off in my bag, which has happened with previous toys and is no kinds of fun. The vibrations were good and strong but you could also start off with them low and rumbly, yay!

Anyway not to go into too much detail but after that first day I couldn't get enough of Uma! It works EVERY time and I dont think there was actually anything that I didn’t love about it!'
- 1st May 2012

Oh Uma, How Did I Ever Live Without You?

'If there's one toy that I can't live without, it's Uma! Looking at her, you wouldn't think she'd be much but oh WOW does she ever pack a punch! Powerful, waterproof, multispeed, rechargeable... what's not to love? This is a toy that everyone should try at least once!'
- 6th February 2012