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MiMi - Customer Reviews

Perfect vibe for me- MiMi!

'I'm so happy I can finally get the toy I've always wanted! The MiMi is such a luxury vibe for such a great price. I can take the mimi in the bath tub, or in the swimming pool and rumble a little under the water. This toy is surprisingly strong. My favorite is mixing a stimulating lube like the Sliquid Stim O gel with this bad boy. Talk about an external explosion! The only problem is I can't get it away from my boyfriend- he's always using the mimi for hand jobs now. I might have to get a pink one too.' 11th March 2011

Mama MiMia! Best toy yet!

'I personally can't find a single con to this toy. Everything is top notch, and the price is definitely well worth it. The stimulation is perfect, and some levels are even too much for me. This toy has multiple uses, including an excellent neck/back massager - making it a great thing to keep around even if it doesn't work for you sexually. Charging it is a breeze, and maintenance is so low that it's comparable to glass. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone I know.' 6th June 2011

Pinch me I think I'm in love!

'MiMi is my go to toy. Mimi is easy to hold on to and control. As a person with a heavily hooded clit I am able to get into all the right nooks and crannies because of MiMi's slender shape. The most amazing thing about Mimi is its STRENGTH. OMG this thing is super strong. I'm not going to front... I only use it on the highest setting. I honestly think it's strong enough that you could use it for massage. Mimi is super easy to charge and see when it's fully charged. I also like the fact that it's waterproof. I am not a person who takes a lot of baths but I appreciate that I can just run it under the faucet. The person who invented this toy should win an award!'
- 28th April 2011

A luxury toy worth every penny

'MiMi arrived in packaging fit for a queen - a beautiful black box tied with ribbons. I untied the ribbons to reveal the most discreet toy I've ever seen or owned.

Each of the five vibration strengths are noticeably different and the 5th one being very strong. The pulse settings are varied and very enjoyable. I think whoever created the pulse settings was really thinking about the rhythm you'd get into during different sexual acts, not just randomly putting different vibrations together.

At first I was sceptical as to whether a sex toy could ever really be worth this kind of money, as the most I've ever spent is about £30 on a rabbit vibe (though we've bought a Fleshlight for my Husband), but the difference in the quality of the whole product and experience is amazing.

To sum it up, MiMi is a brilliant luxury that is worth digging deep for. It really would be a lovely present or a great way to start your toy collection if you are unsure about more 'shapely' toys.'
-  22nd February 2011



'Was looking to replace my Jack Rabbit (an oldie but goodie - but definitely past its prime). I was in dire need of an upgrade. I went searching online and came upon the MiMi which had decent reviews so I decided to go for it. Was I pleasantly surprised! This little gal packs a punch! It has a soft velvety exterior, is super powerful and has many great features - including 5 speeds/intensities and 5 pulse patterns sure to satisfy any preference. PLUS it's rechargeable, small, inconspicuous and comes in a beautiful little box. What more could you ask for?' 5th October 2011

Top Shelf Toy

'I didn't realize how much I loved this toy until it went missing for two days. Well, I finally found it last night and felt compelled to write a review after my brief feelings of loss. The MiMi is easy to charge, has a soft surface, is firm enough for great clit pressure, includes pulsations, and seems to last forever. I like a lot of toys but I LOVE all the Je Joue toys. Every toy does something so distinctly different and yet they are all the top of their class. I hate giving five stars to any toy but I couldn't think of a single complaint I had about the MiMi to justify anything less.' 28th February 2011

Good Vibes Indeed

'I bought this vibrator for my girlfriend on a field trip to the WeHo PC. She LOVES it (though not more than me), and I love it because a) she does; b) it's easy to clean; c) the design is awesomely ergonomic and covers a lot of clitoral area; d) it travels discreetly and well. Plus it's relatively quiet for a vibrator, which is important to both of us (I'd rather listen to HER coming versus a lawnmower). I highly recommend it. And I can't say enough about the service at PC, which was excellent and informative.'
- 16th February 2001