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FiFi - Customer Reviews

Fi-Fi-Feeling Fine

'Je Joue took their time creating a rabbit-style stimulator; years after this company emerged with the innovative SaSi, it's finally breaking into dual stimulators with the FiFi. The wait has proven to be well worth it, though. Deep, rumbly vibrations come from three separate motors, providing stimulation to multiple erogenous zones at once. And with its smooth, matte silicone surface, FiFi should last safely and comfortably through a lot of play!'
- 15th February 2012

Surprisingly strong. One of the best orgasms I've ever had.

'I had never used a rabbit before. They always looked quite big, strong and unforgiving. My husband had introduced me to bullet vibrators over the last couple of years and so I decided that I wanted to try a rabbit because I always hear about G-spot stimulation.

As a beginner, I thought I'd start with the smallest power and basic vibrating. At first I was worried that I would keep pressing the buttons as they are situated at the point where you put your hand. Luckily they need a direct and purposeful press in order to do anything. It's a great design feature. The rabbit ears were not in the right place for me at first and when I adjusted it I felt the pressure where my G-spot would be. I have never really had that feeling before other than at the odd point during sex and the vibrations were fantastic.

The orgasm was so great that I was tired out for the rest of the day and (as this is anonymous and I can say) I called in sick to work on the Wednesday just to use this more.

If you are in two minds about this rabbit and just wanted reassurance of it's quality, rest assured because it's fantastic.'
- 16th February 2012


New Favorite!

'I love my FiFi. At this point I have tried ALOT of different vibrators, and FiFi quickly became my favorite. The deep rumbly vibration and the thick curved shaft for g-spot stimulation are just that I need.'
- 13th April 2012


'ahhh! I love it! the first time I used it, I was a little disappointed and thought it didn't fit my body right. When inserted, it didn't really hit my clit. however, I realized if I waited till I was more turned on and really pushed it into my g-spot (aka towards the belly button) it fit my body just right. and then it's this crazy, intense, cool toy! now I love it and I'm so glad I have it. I also love that it's waterproof, and I love the rumbly vibrations.'
- 22nd April 2012