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Ami - Customer Reviews

Everything a Kegel Set Should Be

'The moment I felt the squishy, soft velvety silicone on these gradated kegel balls, I knew I wanted to try them. I had never tried kegel exercise balls before, but having taken yoga and pilates, I was aware of pelvic floor strength and how it improves orgasm. I tried the balls over a week long period, moving up the weight as the week went on. I was suprised at how pleasurable as well as easy the experience was. I felt more sexual while I was wearing them and enjoyed the process of getting to the 3rd ball. I don't think there is any other set on the market that compares in quality and price to this one. Two thumbs way up!' 1st January 2011

Ami, How I adore three!

'I give Ami a full 5 stars for the awesome results this set gave me. Within a week I could feel increased vaginal tightness and a decreased urge to go every 5 minutes. Whether you need this set to help ease childbirth or to recover after childbirth, try it. It can even increase the strength of your vaginal orgasms which can be enjoyed by you and your partner. With such an affordable price point I got quality silky silicone and astounding results. You should put this in your cart now.' January 7th 2012

An Intimate Balancing Act

'I do love my Kegel balls!

Overall, I like it. I love having the options, and there's one to suit whatever I'm planning on getting up to. For someone new to Kegel exercisers, who might still find Ami 1 to be plenty, it's still a great investment, as I guarantee once you start noticing the difference, you'll be keen to move on to something more challenging, and this does have a great progression system. Honestly, I can't think of any sex toy for less money that'd have such an impact on your life, both in and out of the bedroom! Confidence and pleasure all tied up with a pretty black ribbon and sealed with the Je Joue logo. Massive thumbs up (pun possibly intended).' 19th August 2011


Welcome to Your Personal Kegel Fitness Center

'The Je Joue Ami vaginal exerciser set has an exerciser to fit any body, at any level of strength or experience. Coupled with Je Joue's elegant packaging, the deep plum silicone of the exercisers, and the budget friendly price tag for a luxury brand item, and there is almost no reason not to add this to your collection.'
- 10th November 2010


'Ami by Je Joue is absolutely lovely. It's my first foray into the world of kegel exercise, and I am not disappointed. Each ball in the set is made of a really soft silicone, with a bit of a cushiony feel to it. They are very comfortable to wear, although the second weight might be a little long to wear for an extended amount of time. The first one, however, is so comfy that I forget it is there, until I move a certain way and feel the weight shift inside me. It's a really nice feeling. I even brought the Ami into my solo play, by slightly tugging on the cord while using a vibrator externally. I find that the weight sort of sits above my g-spot, so when using them during play, I see stars. I haven't worked all the way up to the third (and heaviest) weight yet, but I welcome the challenge! The Ami is a wonderful set, at an incredible value. Just don't forget your water-based lube!'
-  24th January 2011