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How to choose your sex toy

Our little guide to mind-blowing pleasures!

Choosing a sex toy can be a real dilemma. It is often a puzzling process that seems inextricable to the beginners and a source of hesitation to the experienced as well. The truth is there are as many sex toys as there are pleasures to choose from...

Depending on your sensual experience whether you are a hedonistic single, sharing with a loving partner/sexfriend or indulging into polyamory, you want to make sure to have the best ratio of satisfaction/investment.

While we don't believe there is a one-solution-fits-all in this decision-making process, we do believe that you need tailored advice that will meet your sexual uniqueness.

So here are a few tips to help you make the right, fruitful decision!

Take it easy and start slow

You don't want to ruin your very first experience with a sex toy just because you rushed too fast towards the most complicated option!

One good advice is imitating the love-making process steps.

  • First, something that will spice-up your foreplay and take your senses by surprise: our discreet pebble MIMI and MIMI SOFT for external stimulation (nipples, labia, clitoris, perineum, etc) or MIO for gentlemen’s pleasures (masturbation enhancement, edging, firmer erections)
  • It is usually easier to engage into using an external sex toy than an internal one.
  • Don’t forget that a sex toy is just an addition to your extremely talented sensual self, use them as pleasure facilitators and let your imagination rule!

Self-indulgence or willing to share?

Sharing is caring

For the lovers who would like an interaction of pleasure or a mutual stimulation here are 3 options:

1-      MIO: our vibrating ring MIO is really one-of-a-kind; it ensures firmer and longer erections for him and makes his penis vibrate literally while it stimulates her both internally and externally during intercourse.  MIO is just the perfect toy for pleasure-sharers!

2-      DUA: have you ever fantasized about sex in public?  Wear DUA - our  app-controlled dual stimulator- and let your partner control you with its easy and discreet app even in risky public settings: luncheon at the in-laws, romantic dinner, in the cinema or even in the waiting room.

3-      NUO: It is really hard to make you blush in public because you are a master in pleasure? Take the extra challenge wearing NUO anally, our app-controlled vibrating butt-plug, and experience the most intimate fantasy in public.

Sensuality begins at home!

Because pleasure is extremely important to your well-being and, in the absence of a partner, you absolutely must feed your body and soul with the fruits of sensuousness.

1-      MIMI / MIMI SOFT: our discreet MIMI and MIMI SOFT are the best for clitoral stimulation, whether you need pin-point or wide stimulation, light or firm strokes; they are both an inexhaustible source of pleasure.

2-      MIO: If you are a confirmed onanist or an occasional solo-player our MIO is perfect for self-treats, whether you are testing your body’s limits and indulging into a pleasure marathon or just willing to give an extra boost to your orgasmsMIO’s  oh-so-low rumbling vibrations are the cherry on top your O’s!

Explore new territories of pleasure

The G-spot does exist!

  • G-Kii: Its 3 angles ensure bespoke stimulation of your G-spot, whether you are a beginner or an expert:G-Kii helps you explore your inner sensations with the biggest precision ever!

Prostatic pleasure

  • G-kii: Did you know that Prostatic pleasure is totally different from rectal or anal pleasure, the prostatic pleasure can lead to mind-blowing orgasms, called dry orgasms : no erection, no ejaculation and can be repeated (super-Os) – G-Kii is one of the best toys ever to stimulate your prostate: Its SOFT and round tip helps finding the prostate and its deep rumbling vibrations stimulate it, while the external pebble-shaped area keeps lays against the perineum and stimulates the deep nerve complex that is also connected to the prostate. Most recommended position: number 2, intermediate angle.
  • NUO: Its round and curved tip provides the right balance of pressure and deep rumbling vibrations, while the perineum is simultaneously stimulated too. This stereo sensation helps building the reflex anal / rectal contractions that trigger prostatic orgasms.

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